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Moldovans tried to steal more than 50 million rubles from the bank accounts of Russians

Employees of the Office of "K" with Russia on ESD OMVD Yegoryevsk district of Moscow region suppressed the activity of another organized crime group, which is part of the international criminal community karderskogo.
The staff of the "K" determined that OPG, which included a five Moldovan citizens, acting on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region since November 2011.
Attackers have installed ATMs at one of the largest Russian banks skimmingovoe special equipment with which obtained details of plastic cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, as well as PIN codes to them.
The data obtained were used to create duplicate cards and committing theft of cash from accounts of actual cardholders, both in Russia and abroad.
After receiving information about installing skimmingovogo equipment at one of the ATMs located in a shopping center in the Moscow area, detectives arrested three citizens of the Republic of Moldova in 1987 and 1988 birth.
Residence attackers raided during which seized and impounded: skimingovoe equipment, flash media, which contain information about the PIN code cards, 3 laptops with specialized software.
In carrying out search operations found that during his tenure attackers managed to earn about 5 million rubles, and they have seized on the electronic media provided information on several thousands of cards on which there were a total of more than 46 million rubles.
A criminal case under Art. 183 of the Criminal Code ("Illegal receipt of the information constituting banking secrecy, committed for mercenary motives"). Three members of the criminal group were arrested, is tracing their accomplices.
Management "to" the Russian Interior Ministry has reliable information about such persons committing similar crimes in the town of Zhukovsky, Lyubertsy, Khimki, Klin, and Moscow.

* Phishing and skimming - the most common fraud schemes, apart from spying PIN. Skimming - reading from a magnetic track credit card information equipment which fraudsters set on ATMs in remote and poorly lighted areas.

Communists hold May 1 Civic Congress at the center of Chisinau, despite the lack of resolution of the City Hall - Sirbu

CHISINAU, April 20 - News-Moldova. Party of Communists of Moldova to hold May 1, Labour Day in the previously planned Civic Congress on the central square of Chisinau, despite the lack of proper authorization from the City Hall of the Moldovan capital, said Friday the agency Novosti-Moldova parliamentary deputy from the Communist Party Sergiu Sirbu.

According to him, "PCRM filed in the City Hall the first application for carrying out its action on the central square, but later on the website of the municipality a statement from the Liberal Democratic Party was registered previously unknown manner similar document Communists."

As confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the Chisinau City Hall Brynzanyuk Vadim, the commission of the capital of the municipality to organize the activities of the Communist Party rejected the application holding the Civil Congress on the central square of the capital and authorized to carry out its share of the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democratic Party published a statement stating that the party sends the right to conduct activities on May 1 in the central square of Chisinau National Confederation of Trade Unions "in connection with the fact that the holiday dedicated to the solidarity of workers."


A. The events in the country

Saturday, April 21

20-27 April at the initiative of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization in Moldova conducted "European Immunization Week" under the motto: "prevent, protect, vaccinating." Within weeks of organized information campaign about the importance of vaccination of children and human rights of every child to be vaccinated. Ministry of Health together with WHO and other agencies conducting workshops with health professionals, meetings with parents and teaching staff. Will discuss the situation with the level of vaccination in the field, data on the prevalence of diseases that are preventable by vaccination, other problems in this area.

Tuesday, April 24

The program BAS (consulting business), the EBRD in Moldova invites to a press conference for the launch of Sweden's government-funded program "Women in business." The press conference will hold Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Sweden in this country, and Ingrid Tersman BAS program manager Veronica Arpintin.

/ 11.25-12.30, business center "Skytower", 11th Floor, Conference Room, st. Chisinau, RM, 63 /.


At 10.00 in the Ministry of Health / st. Alexandri, 2, second floor / will be the official launch of the project "Support to dialogue with partner countries on national policies, strategies and plans in the health sector", designed to help support health care reform in the next 3 years. Participants: Health Minister Andrej mustache, head of EU delegation in Moldova Dirk Schuebel, WHO Representative in the country Jarno Habiht.


At 13.00 in the representation of RAMI RIA "News" in our country and the news agency "Novosti-Moldova" Chisinau-held video conference in Brussels on the theme: "From the support of multilingualism in the European Partnership." Invited representatives of the media. Log - in press card.

/ Pr Stefan cel Mare, 202, 4th Floor /.


From 17 April to 30 June the National Center for Public Health, with technical and financial support from UNICEF, 12,000 households Republic of Moldova held a study on the assessment of the health of women and children in our country. Conduct research to help the World Health Organization and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Do I need to go out to all parties of the country on May 1 area - survey

CHISINAU, April 20 - News-Moldova. Requests for mass rallies in the Great National Assembly Square, scheduled to celebrate the May Day, City Hall in the capital came from the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova, the Communist Party, the Liberal Democrats, Socialists, and a number of public organizations.

Correspondents news agency Novosti-Moldova asked the people: The program which of these organizations, in their opinion, their work is most appropriate for the content of the holiday on 1 May? And who of the candidates should give preference to hold their shares?

Sergei, a plumber:

"I believe that the resolution should be given to trade unions. And who else? May 1 has not lost its true purpose. If we are talking about him as a Workers' Day, this holiday for a long time "privatized" Communists for their mass rallies in the square. Other parties do not represent any interest for me, so I think - only the trade unions. "

Natalie, a housewife:

"I think that the Communists deserve participation in promotions, especially since they have long claimed to hold a Civic Congress on this day."

Valentin, a locksmith:

"I think that the right to hold mass rallies May 1 should be given to trade unions, because it is a celebration of workers and not a separate party. That trade unions are trying all means to protect us from the tyranny of the authorities. "

Victoria, the artist:

"I'm definitely a confederation of trade unions. This day is rightly belongs to the workers, and political organizations can conduct their meetings and on other days. "

Julia, photographer:

"I think that none of the political organizations should not be allowed to hold the event May 1 at the Great National Assembly Square. This Labor Day, and politicians have done nothing for the workers. So my choice - the trade unions. "

Andrew, builder:

"I think that unions historically have earned the right to consider their day May 1. Why now have to choose between them and the political parties? This is wrong. May 1 in the squares around the world are going to the same people, like me, why politicize everything? After all, only trade unions are fighting for our rights, and reiterated that the recent events. It is because of unions, we no longer have to pay for the first day of their hospital. "

Ian, a student at the State Institute of International Affairs of the RM:

"The unions should hold the shares on May 1. They are the only ones who deserve the attention of the citizens. May 1 - a celebration of spring, labor, and good, and not violence and lies, it's not a holiday for our government. "

May 1, 1886 American workers organized a strike, putting forward the demand an 8-hour workday. The strike ended with a demonstration and accompanying bloody clash with police.

In July 1889 the Paris International Congress II in memory of the speech, working in Chicago decided to hold annual May 1 demonstrations. First day of international solidarity of workers was registered in 1890 in Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, France, Norway, Sweden and some other countries.

A long time, May Day was a symbol of the revolution, the irreconcilable class struggle. Today, this holiday is celebrated in 142 countries around the world.

The main event of the week according to a media agency Novosti-Moldova

Moldova, again at the forefront of the political arena came the question of resolving the conflict on the Dniester.

Rogozin, on Tuesday after a meeting with the president of the unrecognized republic of Yevgeny Shevchuk said that "the question will be raised at the Russian consulate in Tiraspol, or will find other forms of exchange of the necessary passports residing in Transnistria Russian citizens."

On Wednesday, Prime Minister of RM Filat told reporters that "the Russian consulate in Tiraspol will not." But the next day, the statement of Moldovan Prime Minister was not so categorical.

"The Transdniestrian region - it's part of the Republic of Moldova and, as we have consulates in Balti, Cahul, Ungheni, it is natural to have a consulate in Tiraspol. But before that happens, you should have a number of regulations, which come from real situation and are related to security and diplomatic immunity of the people working there. That is, a process that should be discussed. request was heard, then we will think and propose a solution in this sense, "- said Prime Minister on the radio station" Free Europe " .

This happened after it became known that the political representatives of Moldova and Transdniestria during the past 17-18 April in Vienna next round of consultations in the format "5 +2" negotiations agreed on the Transnistrian settlement on the basis of equality of the RM and the Transnistrian . Prior to that, the Moldovan side was categorically opposed to the recognition of equal representatives of the Tiraspol party talks. Transnistrians participated in the consultations in the past, but the decision their opinions are often not taken into account.

The meetings involved in the Transnistrian settlement of Moldova and Transnistria - the sides of the conflict, Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE - as mediators, EU and the U.S. - as observers. Mediators welcomed the agreements reached at these official negotiations.

But on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, RM Eugene Karpov said at a briefing that "The Consulate of the Russian Federation in Tiraspol in the near future is impossible."

"We can not ensure that the requirements of international standards concerning the safety of workers consulate, but because the opening of the Russian Consulate in Transnistria in the short term can not speak," - said Karpov.

Meanwhile, Russian troops in Transnistria during the upcoming special training in July, the rotation of the peacekeeping battalions began to study the language of the host region - Moldova.

The Russian government on Wednesday submitted to the State Duma amendments to the laws "On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" and "On procedure of exit from and entry to the Russian Federation Russian Federation" in terms of improving the legal status of foreign students in Russia. The bill is intended to remove administrative barriers to learning in Russia of foreigners in the country on a work visa, and ensure the continuity of their education in Russian educational institutions.

Last week all three distribution networks of the country demanded that the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) increased tariffs for its services.

Director General of the ANRE President Parlicov refused to comment on the requirements of power distribution networks and enterprise "Moldelectrica" ​​and possible changes in pricing their services. The other high-ranking official of the agency, who requested anonymity, admitted that the increase in electricity prices for consumers is inevitable, and, naturally, in an upward direction.

At a government meeting on Wednesday, Minister of Culture Boris Focsa announced the initiative of deputies of the LP in the parliament to ban display advertising in movie theaters before and after the broadcast of films. The Cabinet voted for the draft amendment to the Law on Advertising, presented Focsa. If the document is approved by Parliament, the violators of the law expect fines ranging from one to six thousand lei.

In this regard appeared in the middle of this week's announcements in the press about the demolition of the Lenin monument, located near the exhibition halls Moldexpo (formerly ENEA), on Friday from 10 o'clock in the morning the area around it was filled with representatives of civil society and the press. The vast majority of citizens have come to protect the monument to the leader of world proletariat against the threat of its destruction, received by Valeriu Ciobanu, who calls himself a "party of war in Transnistria" and "fellow villager, Vladimir Voronin."

"The Lenin monument will be installed at all times. We do not say that it was destroyed, "- said an MP from the Communist Party, Iurie Muntean.

Ahead - a memorial day. In Chisinau, for the convenience of the citizens who intend to visit the graves of their loved ones at the weekend will be organized by the movement of additional buses to the cemetery named after St. Lazarus.

Marshrutchiki: We asked seven, to get five .

  Travel to the capital shuttles go up

Specifically, to increase the rate of travel in the metropolitan routes of minibuses director spoke in February 2012. Then, several companies have presented calculations justifying the price increase for travel in urban buses.

Now negotiators took time out before the end of religious holidays. But after April 24 they will continue and probably will continue to a victorious end for the vans.

Negotiations are various degrees of intensity since last summer, but now, it seems, for the owners of vans, they will be successful. As Michael said Reus, director of the cooperative transport Dac-trans-service, service Chisinau microbus routes, some councilors have agreed to raise the fare for travel in the capital shuttles to 5 lei.

General Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca also suggested not to raise tariffs above five lei. However, according to news agency Info-Prim Neo, 14 metropolitan routes administrators agreed on the tariff of 4 lei.

- According to the calculations of our company - said Mihai Reus, - the cost per passenger up to 6.89 lei. Meet the proposed tariff pyatileevy we can only work through the unnormalized drivers and cruel exploitation own minibuses. Minibuses run for wear, the cars are not mandatory for passenger transport service (TS-1, TS-2 and TO-3), and begin to repair when something is seriously on the bus breaks down, or at least "zastuchit."

To revise the tariff the owners of minibuses are pushing for several reasons. The first - rising in price fuel. The second - the cost of living. And the third - the need to update the rolling stock, which is caused by legal requirements that limit the life of the urban passenger transport 15 years.

Director of Transport Cooperative Auto-Rapid Nikolai middle peasant explained that the low rates make it impossible to upgrade the rolling stock. According to him, the years 2009-2010 were very favorable to the urban transport microbus. Travel fare when raised to 3 lei, while diesel prices have fallen, which runs all metropolitan taxis. "We were able to almost completely upgrade the rolling stock", - says Nikolay middle peasant. This update has brought some dividends - a relatively new bus caught in Moldova after 3-6 years of operation, less broke than their older "colleagues" are not idle in the repair Service Department. Therefore, the cost of travel, by reducing the losses caused by repair of machinery, significantly decreased.

But the increasing cost of travel in the capital have shuttles and reverse directions. The first - an outflow of potential passengers. Now the passenger transport costs, which enjoys a daily minibus, getting to and from work, will increase by 40%. In concrete figures, this increase is as follows: the rate of 3 Leu potential passengers spent monthly on the way to 132 lei. After the "tariff reform" of its monthly transport costs reached 220 million lei. That is, for the year to travel in the minibus he will now spend $ 100 more.

Some of the passengers on the trolley goes, the more so with the advent of new low-floor ACSM-321 vans came from a strong competitor. In addition, over the next five years will be almost completely upgrade the entire rolling stock of Chisinau trolley parks.

While the cost of travel in vans stored at 3 lei, and trolley buses pay 2 lei, competition from electric felt not so keenly. But when traveling in a minibus in comparison with the trolley will increase by 2.5 times, many will choose willy-nilly trolley. Especially those passengers who live near the trolley stop.

But it's estimations and projections. So far one thing is clear - the cost of travel to the capital increase vans. Most likely, the City Council will stop for 5 lei. Although the calculation of routes managers argue that the optimal rate is at 7 lei, it is unlikely that councilors approve the hand of a rise rate. In social terms, is too painful measure - to raise prices for travel in the van for more than two times.

Now the question is - when the fare increase. Possible answers may vary, depending on the decision of the municipal councilors. For owners of routes than previously promoted, the better, and the optimum period - July and August of this year. It's vacation time, the heads of the majority of potential passengers minibuses busy holiday problems, and increase the tariff will be felt not so painful.

Predictions: How the ministers and what can be dismissed

In recent years has again become topical theme of the government of permutations. In large measure, because this process was associated with the election of the president.

Premier Filat said earlier that temporarily waives the intention to replace some of the ministers, so as not to endanger the presidential election.

Now that the President was elected, many journalists and analysts are wondering what will replace the ministers. Some publications even conducted a survey among its readers and asked them to express their opinions, which ministers, in their opinion, should be replaced.

If you look at things objectively, some segments of the government team to be desired. Resorting to the permutations of it or not, officials, decision makers must intervene to change the situation.

Most likely, this is what has in mind the prime Filat when he speaks of the need for change in order to improve the efficiency of government structures. Based on earlier statements by the Prime Minister, the permutation will begin with representatives of the parties that they have delegated to the government.

The first candidates may become the Minister of Education Michael Shlyahtitsky and Interior Minister Alexei Roibu, in respect of which the Prime Minister has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction. These ministers often criticized opponents of the prime minister, they are called to the Parliament with reports.

Minister of Education reproach for poor governance reform in education, as well as the awkward situation in which it is often led by the department, for example, errors in the examination at the bachelor's degree. Minister Roibu put the blame, first of all, the crime situation in the country, and the fact that the reforms have not yet felt.

Another candidate for retirement may be the chief of the Main State Tax Inspectorate Nicholas Platon. The fact that the tax administration has not improved, and this point, almost all opponents of the prime minister. And errors such as the taxation of farmers in March, when they have no income, putting pressure on the current command authorities.

Moreover, the fees to the state budget as a result of the tax is not increased, and the constant complaints that the tax authorities are still likely to interfere with free enterprise initiative than to ensure effective fiscal discipline, are heard more often. To verify this, just follow the media, statements and press conferences, for remarks patronages, etc.